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[Adult Casual Bob] Order Sheet & Set Technique

Recommended for people like this ┗ I want to show off my glamor with medium hair.
┗I want to style my perm well.

Order Sheet No.004:
adult casual bob

Adult Casual Bob_Order Sheet 1

Adult Casual Bob_Order Sheet 2

Adult Casual Bob_Order Sheet 3


・Cut with a flat bob base.


・Cut with a flat bob base.
・Two blocks at 6mm.


・ Turn on a random spiral perm from the top.

Styling Point

Take an appropriate amount of hair balm and rub it in for at least 1 minute as if lifting it from the bottom to the top. In order of back → side.

Adult casual bob_styling point 1

If you rub it in firmly, a spiral ridge and a unity at the end of the hair will come out.

Adult casual bob_styling point 2

Styling product used: HAIR BALM -RETØUCH nu series-


Name : Takahiro Kawashima
SNS: Instagram / YouTube

Kawashima Takahiro is active as a fashion YouTuber.
YouTube is about fashion and lifestyle.

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