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[Wild wave roll mash] Order sheet & setting technique

Recommended for people like this ┗ I want to give a masculine and wild impression.
┗ I want to create a different atmosphere.

Order Sheet No.008:
Wild Wave Mash

Wild Wave Mash_Order Sheet 1

Wild Wave Mash_Order Sheet 2

Wild Wave Mash_Order Sheet 3


・Cut with the mash base falling forward.


・Cut with a 2 cm front rise.
・Two blocks from 3mm to 6mm.
・Gradation from 3mm to 6mm.


・Gradation from 3mm to 6mm.


・A casual mixed perm with wave rolls and spirals.

Styling Point

Point ①

To prevent dryness, add milk before drying, and dry while kneading about 70%.

Wild Wave Mash_Styling Point 1

Wild Wave Mash_Styling Point 2


Styling perm tends to be uneven, so rub it in for at least 1 minute.

Wild Wave Mash_Styling Point 3

Styling product used: HAIR BALM -RETØUCH nu series-


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