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[Natural Belly Short] Order Sheet & Setting Technique

Recommended for people like this ┗ I want to put together refreshing short hair compactly.
┗ I want to give a soft impression even though it is short.

Order Sheet No.007:
natural belly short

Natural Very Short_Order Sheet 1

Natural Very Short_Order Sheet 2

Natural Very Short_Order Sheet 3


・Cut with the same layer base that rises in the front.


・Cut with a 2 cm front rise.
・Chop cut to keep the whole compact.
・No two blocks.


・Tighten the neckline with scissors to the limit, and do not insert a block.

Styling Point

Point ①

Short hair tends to float and is prone to bees, so dry it while holding down the roots.

Natural berry short_styling point 1


Styling agent is also applied to the short parts such as the neckline to match the texture.

Natural berry short_styling point 2

Styling product used: HAIR BALM -RETØUCH nu series-


Name: Yasutaka Kato
Occupation : Model
SNS: Instagram

Working with CiiK Co., Ltd. and modeling business.
Models range from fashion to salons, such as MVs, magazines, and brand looks.

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