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[Kenagare center part] Order sheet and set technique

Recommended for people like this ┗ I want to create an adult and calm atmosphere.
┗I want to make it a center part, but I don't know what suits me.

Order Sheet No.009:
hair flow center part

Hair Flow Center Part_Order Sheet 1

Hair Flow Center Part_Order Sheet 2

Hair Flow Center Part_Order Sheet 3


・Cut with a center part base that falls forward.


- 2 cm lower than just above the ears.
・Keep the ends of your hair natural so that you don't feel like you've cut them off.
・Two block of 6 millimeters.


・Gradation from 6mm to 9mm.

Styling Point

Point ①

Use a hair dryer to soften the parting in the center.

hair flow center part_styling point 1


Only the ends of the hair are curled back with an iron.

Hair flow center part_styling point 2

Styling product used: HAIR BALM -RETØUCH nu series-

★ Reference video (YouTube)


Name: Eito Miyanaga
Occupation : Hairdresser/YouTuber
SNS: Instagram / YouTube

While working as an active beautician, he established CiiK Co., Ltd. and operates the brand RETØUCH, which updates the appearance of adult men.
The YouTube channel "Otona Danshi LABO" boasts about 200,000 subscribers.
He has been active in a wide range of fields, including the publication of the book "Otonadan no 'Super' Cleanliness Hack".

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