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[Wamimaki Mash] Order Sheet & Setting Technique

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┗I want to change the image from ordinary mash.

Order Sheet No.006:
wave roll mash

Wave rolled mash_order sheet 1

Wave roll mash_order sheet 2

Wave rolled mash_order sheet 3


・Cut with the mash falling forward.


- 1 cm lower than just above the ears.
・Two block of 6 millimeters.
・Gradation cutting from 6mm.


・Strong wavy perm.

Styling Point

When drying and styling, be aware of rubbing in to make the most of the perm.

Wave winding mash_styling point 1

If you rub it in firmly, it will give you a wavy feeling like a perm. By replenishing moisture, dryness can be suppressed.

Wave winding mash_styling point 2

Styling product used: HAIR BALM -RETØUCH nu series-


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After becoming independent from Yahoo! JAPAN, he became the president of Drip Co., Ltd. The Monomalist book is now on sale from Poplar.

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