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Retouch hair grease ¥ 2,530 (tax included)
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Smart wet feeling without overdoing it

Gives your hair a fresh and wet feeling, and adds a sense of cleanliness.

The raised style is easy to perfect

A smooth texture that is easy for anyone to handle. It blends beautifully with the entire hair and can be easily set with a comb or comb.

Clean aqua scent

A bathtime fragrance that does not interfere with perfumes will update your sense of cleanliness.

easy wash off

For those who tend to leave wax on their hair, water-soluble grease can be easily removed with hot water and washed off without stress.

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Retouch hair grease commentary video

Retouch product development

Real voices x Opinions from the field

The development of retouching products is based on thorough “real voices” and “on-site opinions” such as followers of the representative Eito Miyanaga (approximately 200,000 people), members of online salons, and partner beauty salons nationwide. I am going while

RETØUCH Representative Eito Miyanaga

"Based on the opinions that only RETØUCH can hear, we produce at our domestic factory and deliver it to everyone. We would be happy if we could create a brand together with everyone, not just us."

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Retouch hair grease ¥ 2,530 (tax included)
See the product page >

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