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10 recommended center parts for adults

A center part that has become a ``classic'' from a ``trend''.
The secret to its popularity is its many benefits, such as "easy to set" and "easily create a fashionable impression."

This time, we have selected 10 "adult center parts" recommended by RETØUCH MAG.
Please find the center part that suits you.

① hair flow center part
②Nuance perm x center part
③ Ear hook x center part
④ Wet hair x center part
⑤ Bundle feeling x center part
⑥Medium x center part
⑦Natural x center part
⑧Reverse x center part
⑨ Inner winding x center part
⑩Up bang x center part

① hair flow center part

hair flow center part

If you say the royal road of the center part, this is it.
A style in which the hair flows from the eye line toward the back.

It can be used in a wide range of styles, from casual clothes to mature styles.
You can use a hair dryer to curl the ends of your hair, or you can just perm the ends of your hair.

②Nuance perm x center part

Nuance Perm x Center Part

The center part of a perm that gives you a more loose feeling. It is OK to make use of curly hair.
If you apply a fluffy and soft perm and move it, it will be a center part with a gentle impression.

To reduce the dryness of the perm, set it with a glossy styling agent such as hair balm or grease.

③ Ear hook x center part

Ear hook x center part

If you have hair that tends to swell on the sides, or if you want to create a sense of unity, we recommend the “one ear hanger”.
Show two blocks, and on the other hand, put down your bangs for a sexy impression.

Since it fits compactly, it is a technique that can be used as a first aid when it grows.

④ Wet hair x center part

wet hair x center part

If you want to bring out the "sexiness after taking a bath", add a glossy feeling to the usual center part.
It is recommended to make wet hair with grease or gel.

The style that is not elaborated quickly makes you feel mature.

⑤ Bundle feeling x center part

Bundle feeling x center part

Even those who don't like a flat impression can solve it with a center part that gives a sense of bunch.
If you rub wax or balm into your hair and give it some movement, you can create a sense of maturity.

⑥Medium x center part

Medium x center part

A center part style that stretches to the mouth line.
The length that covers the cheeks is excellent for a small face effect.

Rather than reducing the amount and lightening the ends of the hair, it is more fashionable to leave it on because it is heavy.

⑦Natural x center part

Natural x center part

A natural straight center part that can be challenged with the length of the mash style.
The short and neat length gives you a clean feeling.

If you don't have the courage to cut it for the center part, you can try using it as a mash arrangement.

⑧Reverse x center part

Reverse x center part

A center part with a refreshing feeling that is raised toward the back.
It is a style that combines a bright impression and wildness by showing the whole face.

It's cool to "scrape up quickly even if it collapses".
It is recommended to use a hair balm or oil that is not too hard to give a wet feeling.

⑨ Inner winding x center part

Inner roll x center part

Slightly shift the center part of the nose line to make it unbalanced.
By adding volume to the part and drying it, you can create the golden ratio of the diamond-shaped silhouette.

⑩Up bang x center part

Up Bang x Center Part

A center part with raised bangs, perfect for business occasions.
By giving a lustrous feeling with grease, it creates a mature sex appeal.

The style that is not cropped and is worn firmly on the ears gives a fashionable feeling that is not too trendy.

Found your favorite style?
If you find a style you like, save it and show it to the hairdresser to get closer to your ideal hair.

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