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5 recommended hairstyles for summer

Summer is finally here.
Many of you may be wondering what to do with your summer hairstyle.
Why don't you spend your hair in a summer style?

This time, we have selected 5 "summer hairstyles" recommended by RETØUCH MAG.
Please find the summer hair that suits you.

① Kakiage up bang
② Highlight x Mash
③ Ear hook x center part
④ Outer winding medium long
⑤Natural berry short

① Kakiage up bang

Kakiage Up Bang

Up bang hair that can give you a clean and good impression even in summer.
The bangs are intentionally pulled down to create a loose and sexy impression.

It is perfect for summer if you finish it with a wet styling product such as grease or gel.

② Highlight x Mash

Highlight x Mash

Mash tends to give a heavy impression, but by adding highlights, it gives a light impression for summer.
It also creates a three-dimensional effect on your hair, making it look more fashionable.

By intentionally adding a dark color, you can keep the atmosphere of an adult without becoming too young.

③ Ear hook x center part

Ear hook x center part

The center part gives a cool impression by putting one side on your ear.
It gives a compact and neat impression, so it is a center part arrangement suitable for summer.

By cutting the two blocks short, you can create a more summery style.

④ Outer winding medium long

Outer winding medium long

By lightening the ends of the medium long hair, it gives a transparent and cool impression.
It tends to give a heavy impression, but by lightening the ends and wrapping it around the outside, it becomes a summer specification with a sense of sheerness.

We recommend a natural set that uses milk or oil for a glossy and cohesive look.

⑤Natural berry short

natural belly short

Natural berry short that can produce a clean feeling regardless of whether it is ON or OFF.
By leaving the sides and back unshaven, you can create a very short and mature look.

It is recommended for those who want to take the plunge and challenge the belly short.

Found your favorite style?
If you find a style you like, save it and show it to the hairdresser to get closer to your ideal hair.

All 5 styles are RETØUCH nu series Styling with Please also see this.

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