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10 recommended mashes for adults

Classic mashed hair.
It's a style that anyone can easily try, but some people may say, "I don't know which one to choose..." because the characteristics are slightly different.

This time, we have selected 10 "adult mash" recommended by RETØUCH MAG.
Please find the mash hair that suits you.

① Slightly bundled permash
② Heavy and light mash
③Heavy bang mash
④Wave × Wild
⑤ Minor sharp mash
⑥ Curly hair x Mash
⑦ Fine perm x Mash
⑧ Compact mash
⑨Wave roll x mash
⑩Noset style mash

① Slightly bundled permash

subtle perm

A permed hair that mixes inner and outer rolls.
By making a part above the eyes and showing the skin, you can create a loose feeling.

Add luster with grease, and add a splash and twist to create a light impression.

② Heavy and light mash

heavy and light mash

Despite the heavy silhouette of the mash, the hair is reduced in order to bring out the lightness.

Just let it dry to reduce swelling, and then apply the balm to create a light and delicate bundle.

③Heavy bang mash

heavy bang mash

Mash with heavy bangs just above the eyes gives a mysterious impression.
The hair bundles that fall smoothly on the face will make your face look smaller.

Ms. Micho brings out the roundness and arranges it into a rhombus silhouette.

④Wave × Wild

wave winding x wild

Wild wave perm style.
With a silhouette that falls in the front, it combines stylishness with masculinity.

Turn on the moisturizing feeling of hair balm for perms that tend to dry out.

⑤ Minor sharp mash

fine bunch sharp mash

The mash flowing from the side gives a more fashionable and stylish impression.
Use hair balm to create a subtle bundle and create a soft styling.

It's a compact mush hair, so it's a length that is easy to do up bangs.

⑥ Curly hair x Mash

curly hair x mash

Move your curly hair casually and style it like a foreigner's hair.
If you scatter the bangs to the left and right and set them, it will give a more ennui and fashionable impression.

The side and back are not shaved, and the natural taste is key.

⑦ Fine perm x Mash

fine perm x mash

Mash hair with a strong perm.

A perm that follows the way you grow doesn't make you feel like a splash, giving you a mature impression.
Set the bangs just above the eyebrows. It is a style that is not too heavy and is easy to incorporate even for working people.

⑧ Compact mash

compact mash

Heavy x mashed hair that doesn't move.

The point is not to reduce the amount of hair too much. Furthermore, by adding roundness to the bangs and sides, it is possible to create an ennui atmosphere.

⑨Wave roll x mash

wave roll x mash

Mash with a strong wave perm.
The sides and back are trimmed with a 6mm gradation for a sharp look.

Add luster to permed hair that tends to dry out with a hair balm.

⑩Noset style mash

Nausetian mash

Set on the mash above the eye line with just a leave-in treatment.

It is compactly put together and does not move daringly to give a gentle impression.
Recommended for days when you don't want to wax on holidays.

Found your favorite style?
If you find a style you like, save it and show it to the hairdresser to get closer to your ideal hair.

All 10 styles are RETØUCH nu series Styling with Please also see this.

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