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10 recommended hairstyles for people in their 30s

"I'm worried because I can't change my hairstyle since my 20s..."
Isn't there a lot of people who can't change their hairstyle and enjoy it?
In your 30s, you will become more attractive as an adult, so you will be able to find a style that didn't suit you before.

This time, we have selected 10 "hairstyles for people in their 30s" recommended by RETØUCH MAG.
Please find a hairstyle that suits you.

① Up bang x very short
② Curly hair x Mash
③ Slightly bundled permash
④Natural berry short
⑤ Up bang x center part
⑥ Fine perm x center part
⑦ Formal up bang
⑧ DiCaprio style up bang
⑨Ear hook x hair flow center part
⑩Nuance perm x center part

① Up bang x very short

Up bang x very short

Berry short that is tightly suppressed.
By not trimming the sides, you can create a berry short with an adult atmosphere.

A tight finish with grease can give an intelligent and elegant impression.

② Curly hair x Mash

curly hair x mash

A foreigner's hair-style mash that can create an ennui atmosphere.
Recommended for those who are tired of ordinary mash and want to give a stylish impression.

The point is that the sides and back are not shaved and the natural finish is achieved.

③ Slightly bundled permash

subtle perm

A permed hair that mixes inner and outer rolls.
Because it is a fluffy perm, it can give a soft impression and a gentle impression.

Add luster with grease, and add a splash and twist to create a light impression.

④Natural berry short

natural belly short

Natural berry short is a short style that is easy to challenge.
By not shaving the sides and back, it gives a natural and clean finish.

One of the charms is the style that is easy to match regardless of whether it is on or off.

⑤ Up bang x center part

Up Bang x Center Part

A center part with raised bangs, perfect for business occasions.
The short and neat length gives you a clean feeling.

Mash style and switch are also possible, so why not try incorporating it as an arrangement?

⑥ Fine perm x center part

Fine perm x center part

A center part that makes use of fine perms and curly hair movements.
By styling according to the movement of perm and curly hair, you can create a style that makes you feel mature.

It is a perm style recommended for those in their 30s who can feel the atmosphere and sex appeal.

⑦ Formal up bang

formal up bang

Up bang style that can produce adult wet hair and sex appeal.
By setting with grease, it is possible to produce elegant wet hair.

It is recommended when you want to give a sincere impression such as business or party scenes.

⑧ DiCaprio style up bang

Dicaprio style up bang

If you are tired of the usual center part, we recommend this DiCaprio style up bang style.
You can enjoy a different style by setting it up with grease and creating a hair flow on the back.

It is also attractive that it can be styled as a center part arrangement.

⑨Ear hook x hair flow center part

Ear hook x hair flow center part

Center part of "one ear hanging" with a compact sense of unity.
You can give a sexy impression by showing two blocks and lowering the bangs.

It's a technique that can also be used as a first aid when it's growing.

⑩Nuance perm x center part

Nuance Perm x Center Part

The perm of the hair also brings out the charm of adults.
By applying a nuanced perm to the center part of the hair, it creates a mysterious and mature atmosphere.

It is also a point that you can get more sex appeal by styling wet hair such as grease.

Found your favorite style?
If you find a style you like, save it and show it to the hairdresser to get closer to your ideal hair.

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