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RETOUCH Lightroom Preset 01

RETOUCH distributes original presets to share the world view of brands and products with everyone.

i. About presets

These presets can be used with Adobe Lightroom smartphone version (free).

If you install Lightroom, anyone can process your photos into the world of RETOUCH.

Delicate margins and smooth texture.

If you release the shutter under natural light, you should be able to take a picture that looks like a page from a foreign book.

Please take pictures of fashion, lifestyle, and RETOUCH items and share them on SNS.

ii. Setup procedure

① First, download Adobe Lightroom from the app store and create an account.

It's a professional photo editing app, but only the mobile version is available for free.

② Open the download link below (jump to GoogleDrive) and select "Open with app". Export starts.

Download the preset

③ Select Lightroom from "Open with Lightroom" or "Other" for the downloaded file and import the data into the app.

③ Create (save) a preset with the settings embedded in this image. Tap the "..." button on the upper right → "Create preset"

Enter "retouch" as the preset name.

(4) Presets are saved here, so you can set presets for other photos as well.

iii. Photography Tips

Presets are created with smartphone cameras in mind. Please shoot the fashion and products you encounter in your daily life.

(1) Take pictures in natural light.

Turn off the lights in the room and use natural light to shoot.


② Make it minimal with margins.

Minimalist photography is possible by lifting the product and leaving a blank space around it.

The background goes well with achromatic colors such as white, black, and gray.

Please share your #myretouch.


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