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[2WAY very short] Order sheet & setting technique

Recommended for people like this ┗ I want to add luster to my very short hair.
┗ I want to keep it with strong set power.

Order Sheet No.003:
2WAY very short

move ver.

2WAY Very Short_Order Sheet 1

tight ver.

2WAY Very Short_Order Sheet 2

2WAY Very Short_Order Sheet 3


・No-block same layer.


・Cut with a 2 cm front rise.
・Naturally stuff around the ears with no block.


・Naturally fits the neckline without trimming.

Styling Point

For the tight ver., apply the grease all over, then divide it at 7:3 and comb it down with a comb.

2WAY very short_styling point 1

If you collect the sides and around the ears at the back of the head, it will fit better.

2WAY very short_styling point 2

Styling product used: HAIR GREASE -RETØUCH nu series-


Name: Tatsuya Uchihara
Occupation : CEO of on the porch/Hairdresser
SNS: Instagram

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