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[DiCaprio style up bang] Order sheet & setting technique

Recommended for people like this ┗ I want to add an arrangement to the center part.
┗I want to use grease to set wet hair.

Order Sheet No.005:
Dicaprio style up bang

Dicaprio style up bang_order sheet 1

Dicaprio style up bang_order sheet 2

Dicaprio style up bang_order sheet 3


・Cut with a center part base that falls forward.


・From the half of the ear, it is 2 cm lower.
・Slightly heavy, leaving a little cut line.
・Two block of 6 millimeters.


・Gradation cutting from 6mm.

Styling Point

Divide by 6:4 and make 6 parts stand up firmly.

Dicaprio style up bang_styling point 1

Hold the bee part from the part and lift it up.
Applying a gentle breeze to the part that made the bulge and creating a start-up...

Dicaprio style up bang_styling point 2

You can create a rhombus silhouette with a rise on the top.

Styling product used: HAIR GREASE -RETØUCH nu series-

★ Reference video (YouTube)


Name: Yudai Hori
Occupation : by fifth hairdresser
SNS: Instagram / YouTube

Mr. Yudai Hori, the manager of by fifth in Harajuku.
Center part orders are over 450 people a month. Since he himself is also a center part-timer, his strength is that he can sympathize with the concerns of customers.

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