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Update the lifestyle of adult men "Appearance"

By arranging "appearance", it leads to a sense of cleanliness and self-confidence.
RETØUCH offers cosmetics and hair styling products related to "appearance".

RETØUCH nu Series

Styling series that creates adult sex appeal and leeway

RETOUCH Makeup Series

The new common sense of "appearance makeup" that corrects the negative


RETØUCH creates an opportunity for men to "know their condition" .

It was us in our youth who kept the mirror away from men. Adult men feel that the number of times they look in the mirror is low .

If you lose interest in yourself, you will neglect maintenance, and if you can't analyze it, you won't get results.

I believe that knowing your condition and thinking “I want to do more” will lead to updating your appearance.

Thoughts on RETØUCH

Getting in shape will change your life.

This is the idea behind RETØUCH's product development.

As a hair stylist in Harajuku for many years, I have helped many men with their looks.

``My presentation went well when I changed my hair style''

“After completing the total coordination, I became able to talk well with women.”

I have created many successful experiences

“I want to share this information with as many people as possible.”

And started distribution on books and Youtube.

“I wasn’t interested in how it looked, but I practiced it through videos and gained confidence in myself.”

"When I recommended it to my husband, the feeling of cleanliness increased so that I could make a mistake."

We are able to be involved in the lives of many people through “information dissemination”.

In addition, if I had "tools to put it into practice", wouldn't I be able to update my appearance more? and launched RETØUCH.

① I want to adopt real opinions such as many users and customers

② I want to make items that can be convinced by on-site beauticians and professionals

③ I want to create a world view that can further expand the culture of personal appearance

By incorporating these elements, we are constantly developing “tools that change lives,” which are the most important points for grooming.

"Appearance and spirit are connected"

Based on the facts that I was convinced of when I was a teenager, I would like to help you change your appearance and eventually your life.

"Update the appearance of adult boys!"

CiiK Co., Ltd. Representative Eito Miyanaga


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