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Retouch hair care milk ¥ 2,970 (tax included)
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As a care treatment before drying

[When wet] Contains erucalactone* (*γ-docosalactone) that uses heat to repair hair damage

Apply to the middle to the ends of your hair every day before using the dryer and use the heat to dry it.

As a base styling agent for a smooth finish

[When dry] Apply to the middle to ends of the hair as a base before setting.

Formulated with Lipidure, a hair-protecting ingredient* (*Polyquaternium-65) to keep your hair smooth and smooth, and then apply wax.

Makes hair difficult to smell

Formulated with horseradish seed extract, it suppresses the adhesion of unpleasant substances (PM2.5, pollen, yellow sand, etc.) that tend to reduce luster, and protects the hair while moisturizing it.

The fragrance uses a clean floral "Aqua".

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Retouch hair care milk commentary video

Retouch product development

Real voices x Opinions from the field

The development of retouching products is based on thorough “real voices” and “on-site opinions” such as followers of the representative Eito Miyanaga (approximately 200,000 people), members of online salons, and partner beauty salons nationwide. I am going while

RETØUCH Representative Eito Miyanaga

"Based on the opinions that only RETØUCH can hear, we produce at our domestic factory and deliver it to everyone. We would be happy if we could create a brand together with everyone, not just us."

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Retouch hair care milk ¥ 2,970 (tax included)
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